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Which To Go Margarita Are You?

which to go margarita are you?

Get Ready For A To Go Margarita Night With The Besties

Have you ever wondered which to go margarita everyone in your friend group embodies? First, send this Buzzfeed quiz to your friends to see everyone’s role. Afterwards, come back to see which margarita best matches your personality!

Strawberry Dream
Shark Attack


The Mom + Strawberry Dream Who said moms don’t know how to have fun? Every friend group needs a mom friend whose always there to be a shoulder to lean on. We think this Mother’s Day classic, Strawberry Dream, is perfect for you! Everyone will know who the cool mom is with his strawberry, lime and top-shelf tequila concoction.

The Trendsetter + Shark Attack You are all about knowing what’s cool before it’s cool and staying on top of viral trends. We’re sure you’ve seen those viral shark attack drinks where the bartender blows a whistle and adds “blood” into the cocktail. Make the next viral drink video with your besties featuring our Shark Attack margarita!


Let's Start The Party!

Jello Shots
Liquid Marijuana


The Entertainer + Jello Shot Party Pack You are the life of the party, and what’s a good party without a jello shot party park? You’re the best at bringing people together, and you know how to throw a memorable party. Our jello shots embody who you are – and are a great addition to any party!


The Comedian + Liquid Marijuana Every friend group needs someone who can get everyone laughing and having a good time. This drink can be the star of your next punchline! Tell your friends you’re bringing substances to the function but show up with a Liquid Marijuana instead. This drink is rum-based and has pineapple, green apple and blue hawaiian flavors – no real substances here!


Want to keep finding drinks that embody your friends perfectly? Check out our full menu with over 200 drinks. You’re sure to find the one that matches your besties the best!

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